20 Things to Love About Retiring in Arizona

Arizona has always been a popular retirement destination in America. Thanks to the numerous retirement communities that offer great accommodation for the elderly. It was in Arizona where Sun City, the first active adult community in the United States, started more than 50 years ago.

Arizona has hundreds of sunny days. It boasts of several spacious golf courses. There are a lot of top tourist destinations in the state so you and your guests can visit. Most retirement communities in Southern Arizona almost have the same great features: golf course, manicured lawns, cool views, abundant trees, open spaces, and that terrific retirement vibe.

All of these factors are inviting enough to decide and retire in Arizona but there are more reasons why you should consider living in this region. For one, taxes are in favor of retirees so you will have more value for money. No need to worry about finances depleting because they will last in Arizona.

Huffington Post posted "20 Reasons Why Arizona Might Be The Best State To Retire In" last year. We couldn’t agree more with the items the author listed. Allow us to share with you why HuffPost thinks you should consider retiring in Arizona:

1.   Grand Canyon National Park and Red Rock State Park near Sedona usually offer free entertainment and concerts.

2.   More outdoor activities. You can do a lot of stuff in AZ from fishing along the Colorado River, hang gliding, white water rafting, and more.

3.   City for Every Style. There’s Phoenix if you want an affordable and livable city, Scottsdale for high-end resort style living, Flagstaff for the outdoor enthusiasts, and Sedona if you want a spiritual haven.

4.   Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. This event attracts hundreds of horse owners, breeders, and trainers from all over the globe.  A lot of vendors also join the event to showcase their products and services.

5.   Great Weather and lots of Sunshine. It’s sunny all year round in most parts of Arizona. Winter temperatures are like summer temperatures but without humidity.

6.   World’s Oldest Rodeo. Visit Prescott, Arizona and try bull riding.

7.   Original London Bridge. London bridge didn’t exactly fall down. The original bridge from London is now in Lake Havasu City.

8.   Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Glorious food! This festival attracts more than 35,000 visitors every year. Event lasts for six days of fine wines, gourmet food, micro brews, restaurants, and celebrity chefs.

9.   Sonoran Hot Dog. Unique to Arizona, this culinary treat is a special hot dog wrapped in bacon with some chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, mustard, mayo, and pinto beans. Yum!

10.       Tucson Folk Festival. Event attracts more than 10,000 music lovers. Enjoy more than a whole day of folk, Irish, western, and old country music.

11.       Golf. Desert golf in Arizona? The best! There are more than 70 golf courses in Grand Canyon alone.

12.       Great Outdoors in your backyard. You’ll see wildlife near your home. Get to see snakes, javelinas, roadrunners, bob-cats, and coyotes.

13.       Clean Air. No more sneezing for those with allergies because air is clean and dry in Arizona.

14.       Unique local foods. Ever tried prickly pear margaritas, mesquite honey, or cactus jelly?

15.       American Tribes. Most tribes in the US are represented in Arizona. The state has the biggest percentage of land designated as Indian lands.

16.       Not much  snow. It does sometimes but honey, you won’t need a lot of shoveling.

17.       Affordable Housing. No need to spend on heating bills. Pay only little for mortgage or rent because prices are affordable.

18.       Arizona State Fair. The event attracts more than one million people to Phoenix coming for the food booths, livestock, rodeos, racing, and concerts. Yeehaw!

19.       Alice Cooper is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Cool!

20.       No tax on Social Security income. There’s no estate tax, gift tax, or inheritance tax in Arizona. You can save a lot of your retirement money living in AZ.




Kathy Anderson Blog 2014 Roundup

The holidays may be over but it doesn’t mean we’d take a rest from all

the hard work. A new year means another opportunity to make things better. 2014 has been a very good year for all of us here at Kathy Anderson. We’ve sold not just homes but lifestyle for several families across the states.

Retiring soon? We gave you notes on how to Start Searching for the Right Retirement Home. Since a lot of Americans go to Arizona to find a retirement community they would best fit in, we shared with you several reasons on Why You Should Retire in Sun City Grand, Why Choose Sun City Festival, the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Arizona Traditions CommunityAll About Corte Bella Country Club, and What You Need to Know About Sun Village.

There are numerous retirement homes in the state situated in different communities and resorts but making a decision would be easier if you take note of the 7 Questions to You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Retirement Community and Finding the Right Neighborhood in Arizona. Looking for any real estate or property can be a challenge that is why you need to understand Why You Should Hire a Realtor, as well as, the Things You Need to Know About Retirement Communities.

We also learned that Reinventing Sun City Grand Retirement Community is not a new thing and there are More Reasons Why Arizona is the Best Place to Retire. One of the many reasons why retirees choose Arizona is because of the lush greens that are considered as great golfing spots in the region.

It’s 2015 and we’re expectant that the Kathy Anderson team will be able to help more people searching for real estate in Arizona. Each retirement community in the state has something unique to offer. Allow us once again to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Happy New Year!


Reinventing Sun City Grand Retirement Community

Sun City Grand has always been a popular destination for retirees. However, they say it’s not as famous compared to more than 50 years when it first opened. Back in the day, people had to wait for their turn just to tee off and enjoy the golf courses. These people would also endure long waits but not anymore because times have changed.

This big retirement community in the West is continuously evolving. The young buyers, aka the Boomers, are the ones buying real estate in this area right now. These buyers are described as renovation-minded so you’ll understand if the retirement communities in Sun City are being updated. From the house exteriors, to the upgraded gyms, to pickleball courts, and new recreational facilities, Sun City Grand is fast becoming a very popular Del Webb property.

At present, there are about 27,000 houses in Sun City. This decade, we see the Baby Boomer retirees entering the community. How time quickly flies. Most of these people are grandchildren of the first residents in the area.

We may have seen developments and changes in Sun City Grand but the retirement community remains to be the same charming place the older generation would like to stay. There is still life to this special community that became a favorite choice of middle-income Americans retiring and are financially stable.

There may be other concept places of residence nearby but Sun City Grand is considered one of the 5 Best Retirement Communities in Arizona.

So why retire again in Sun City Grand?

The community is very well-maintained. It is also  considered as one of the latest “Valley of the Sun” communities. Homes in Sun City Grand are owned and managed by the residents themselves. That gives the retirees a sense of ownership and feeling of responsibility.

In Sun City Grand you’ll find the following: four championship gold courses, fully equipped fitness centers, softball field, tennis courts, five swimming pools, and 40 plus activities and clubs to choose from.

There are also restaurants in the area if you just want to dine and relax with friends. IF you’re the creative type, there’s an art studio, ceramic studio, and sewing rooms.

One can easily feel right at home in Sun City Grand. You don’t have to think twice about getting a property here.  

If you are interested in Sun City Grand properties, contact Kathy Anderson to help you.


Golfing and Retirement Communities

There’s something special about golfing that retirees enjoy playing the sport. Perhaps a game is relaxing, not too exhausting that the older people prefer golfing to keep them fit and healthy.

Living an active lifestyle is important for the elderly. Golf is a leisure game that is enjoyable for people of all ages. Fit and strong individuals are challenged by this sport because it requires high levels of speed and accuracy. It can be competitive but it can also be a leisure activity when you just want to take time out there and have fun with friends.

Golfing in Arizona is becoming more popular these days. Thanks to the many retirement communities being opened. People who are about to retire have started to look at the different retirement homes in Arizona especially those in Trilogy at Vistancia, Sun City Festival, Sun City Grand, Corte Bella, and Arizona Traditions.

Almost all retirement communities in Arizona boast of vast, lush, and green landscapes perfect for golfing. The weather also makes the region the best place to play golf and other leisure activities.

Arizona is no doubt one of the top golf vacation getaways in the United States. It is where the best hot spots in the Phoenix, Scottsdales, and Tucson areas can be found.

There are many reasons why Arizona is the best place to retire but one of the major reasons is that it is perfect for golfing. Golf enthusiasts would easily understand and agree that the retirement communities in Arizona are the best.

The perfectly manicured lawns coupled with mild temperatures and a great weather plus the breathtaking views. And after a leisure game of golf, you can even shop and dine at the many popular establishments in town.


[SOURCE[IMAGE: chispita]

Golfing in Arizona

It’s no secret that Arizona is one of the best places to retire in the US. More and more people are choosing or have started to look for retirement homes or communities in the state. There’s Trilogy at Vistance, Sun City Festival, Sun City Grand, Corte Bella, and Arizona Traditions among others.

A lot of people prefer to retire in Arizona for many reasons: wide spaces: security, great weather, superior facilities. It is where senior living experience can be considered excellent—the best for any elderly person who wants to live an active lifestyle and stay fit.

The perfectly manicured lawns make Arizona the best place for golfing. There are various golfing communities and clubs in the state that any golf enthusiasts would enjoy. The vast lawns and green grass make the state the best place to enjoy a round or two of golf all the time.

Arizona’s weather is also one of the top reasons why golfing is ideal to do here. This area receives the best winters in the world. As one of the top golf vacation getaways in the region, Arizona offers the best hot spots in Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix areas.

After a fun round of golf, golfers can relax and dine at the restaurants in the area. Who wouldn’t want to have a nice meal and a good wine after an enjoyable round of golf with friends and family?  

Arizona is no doubt the golf capital in the United States. You can’t beat 365 days of great weather plus the number of high-quality and well-maintained golf courses. There are more than 200 golf courses in the Sonoran Desert area alone so imagine there are thousands of golf hole courses that can be played.

Any golfing area in Arizona is ideal for visitors, locals, and retirees. Actually, golfing is just one of the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. There’s also sightseeing, biking, and hiking among others.

If you’re considering of retiring in Arizona, know that you are on the right track. Contact Kathy Anderston for all your Arizona realty needs. 

More Reasons Why Arizona is the Best Place to Retire

We’ve been saying it’s best to retire in Arizona. We already listed the Top 5 Reasons: great weather, mild temperatures, perfectly manicured lawns, breathtaking views, and lots of shopping and dining choices

Arizona has been a popular retirement destination for many years because of many reasons. The first adult community in the country even started in the state more than 50 years ago.

Are these reasons enough to convince why it’s good to retire in Arizona? According to Huffington Post, there are more reasons. Most attractive on Huffpost’s list are taxes. In Arizona, retirees’ money and taxes will go a long way as it is a tax-friendly state. The government of Arizona doesn’t tax Social Security checks so it’s good news.

Here are more reasons why Arizona is the best place to retire:

Grand Canyon National Park and Red Rock State Park. There are a lot of parks in Arizona offering free entertainment for you.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. The show, which started in 1955, showcases beautiful Arabian horses from all over the world. Thousands of people gather in Scottsdale to see the horses and enjoy the booths, seminars, food, and demonstrations.  

Original London Bridge. Believe it or not, the real London Bridge is in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

World's Oldest Rodeo. Experience rodeo and bull riding in Prescott, Arizona.

More Native American tribes. Over 20 tribes are represented in Arizona.  Diversity in the state is very obvious so it’s a great thing.

Tucson Folk Festival. More than 10,000 people visit Tucson each year for this popular folk festival in the country. Experience almost a day of old country, western, and Irish music.

Golf. We can never emphasize enough why golf is popular in Arizona. There are numerous golf courses in the state, perfect for golfers.

Unique local foods. Hungry yet? Try prickly pear margaritas, mosquito honey, or cactus jelly.

Affordable housing. No need to spend a lot on housing as homes and rentals are affordable.

Arizona State Fair. This popular Arizona event brings more than a million tourists to Phoenix enjoy great food, racing, rodeos, and concerts.




5 Best Retirement Communities in Arizona

Searching for the right retirement home and community may seem like a daunting task but there are people who will be glad to help you further. There are realtors who know the best retirement communities and show you why you should hire a realtor for this particular need.

When looking for a retirement community, you will be surprised that most realtors will suggest places in Arizona. Retirement communities in AZ are becoming more popular because of many reasons which include the great weather, mild temperatures, perfectly manicured lawns, lots of dining and shopping choices, and breathtaking views.

If you’re finally decided to settle in a retirement community in the state, you have to know that there are a lot of choices of homes within different communities. In Arizona, there are quite a number of retirement communities but only a few can be considered the best.

More and more people choose to retire in AZ. Here are the 5 Best Retirement Communities in Arizona you should consider:

  • Trilogy at Vistancia (Peoria, AZ)
    Trilogy at Vistancia is an exclusive community for people 45 years old and older. Trilogy has been designed for the active people. There are so many things you can do within the 35,000 sq. ft. Kiya Club. The resort-style facility features a grand living room, Hopi billiards den, Café Colaz, Alvea Spa and Athletic Club, Fitness studio, and the Tewa event room. 
  • Sun City Festival (Buckeye, AZ)
    Sun City Festival continues Del Webb’s known tradition of offering an impressive range of amenities giving importance to personal enrichment, wellness, and health. Sun City Festival retirees are happy to live inside this community in Arizona. Ask anyone who lives inside Sun City Festival and you’ll know how great it is to stay here.
  • Sun City Grand (Surprise, AZ)
    Sun City Grand homes are owned and managed by the residents themselves. That gives the retirees a sense of ownership and feeling of responsibility.  It is a community that makes you feel right at home. It’s located only 45 minutes northwest of downtown Phoenix in Arizona. 
  • Corte Bella (Sun City West, AZ)
    The Corte Bella community is charming and friendly. It may already be known for its excellent facilities and golf course but also for the homes built with great architecture.  It is not as large compared to the other adult active communities in Arizona but it’s one of the more tight-knit ones.
  • Arizona Traditions (Surprise, AZ)
    Retirement life doesn’t need to be boring. Arizona Traditions Community is a nice place for an elderly person who wants to live an active, fun, and meaningful lifestyle. Located near the White Tank Mountains, the Arizona Traditions Community is more popular for the intimate and hometown feel it offers to the retirees.



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Realtor

It is always tempting to think that you do the search on your own. Finding a property or a retirement home community seems to be east but it can be quite a challenged. 

Do you really need a professional realtor to help you? It’s up to you to decided. If you have plenty of time and can manage several viewings and verifying facts and information, go ahead and hope you can close a deal. Just consider there are still more paperwork to do afterwards.

1. Hiring a realtor can be a big help because it is more convenient for the buyer. Sure, you can just check out the web listings and make a call but there are more work to be done. A real estate agent knows every step of the way from scheduling a property viewing to making a bid, helping you get a loan if needed, and finally filing the documents.

2. A real estate agent deals with the seller or broker directly. He or she can help negotiate on a good price. Because of her negotiation talent, she can get you a good deal on that retirement community you’ve been eyeing.

3. A realtor is necessary especially if you are buying from out of state. More people now prefer to live in retirement communities in Arizona. If you are one of them and live in a different state, you may want to consider hiring a professional realtor like Kathy Anderson to help you.  

4. A realtor has connections and can provide you access to properties listed by other agents. You may view homes that are not listed anywhere mainly because your realtor knows many other agents.

5. A realtor also has knowledge about the market and current pricing. A real estate professional can protect you with her expertise and knowledge.

Home purchase can be confusing and exhausting. Negotiation can be a hassle but good thing there are professionals like Kathy Anderson who can help you. Kathy and her team specialize in retirement homes in Arizona so they know how to be in the business.




7 Questions to You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Retirement Community

There are several retirement communities in Arizona but there is one ideal home for every retiree. If you are retiring soon, you may have started looking for a retirement home.

Retirement homes in Arizona are highly recommended for many reasons. The state is on the top list of retiree’s retirement destinations because the communities there are friendlier to the seniors’ needs.

In the United States, there are about 1.5 million residents (retirees) in more than 16,100 nursing homes. The number is increasing so there is a need to make a retirement community more appealing.

But before making that important decision of choosing where to retire, you need to ask yourself these questions first:


1. Do retirees have enough freedom to make their own choices?

Know how residents are free to live. Determine how much freedom is given to the retirees. Do they follow a schedule or are the retirees free to do things on their own? The more freedom the residents are given, the better and the happier the elderly will be.

2. Is the retirement community accredited and certified?

Make sure the community is accredited to welcome residents. A certified and accredited community means that it follows strict safety guidelines and quality control to ensure a safe and secure environment for the residents.

3. What are the official policies within the community?

An open-door policy doesn’t automatically mean anyone can just come visit. Ask about the official policies and understand the impact these will have on your lifestyle.

4. Is it safe and secure?

Know how the community deals with emergencies, if they have a doctor or an ambulance ready. Check the correct fire safety systems, fire alarms, sprinklers, or escape routes.

See if there are guards checking if there are patients leaving the community.

5.  Are there enough staff?

The more, the merrier. This is because retirees will want to spend a lot of time talking to someone.  See how the staff takes care of the residents or if they are friendly and courteous. There’s a lot you can tell just from observing the people inside a home.

6. What activities are available within the community?

A retirement community features many facilities and offers different activities for all types of retirees. Find out the schedules. Most retirement village has a golf course, swimming pool, gym, spa, arts and crafts room, computer room, and other facilities the elderly might be interested in. What about holidays? Ask about the activities prepared for the residents during special occasions.

7. How much will it cost me?

Quality care can be expensive. You need to ask how much is the fee and what features, amenities, and services are included.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Arizona Traditions Community

There are so many retirement communities in Arizona it’s actually a challenge to choose. Good thing Kathy Anderson and her team are willing to help you with your search for that retirement home ideal for you or your loved one.

Arizona is the top choice of retirees because of the great weather, secure feeling, and wide spaces plus the many activities that can be enjoyed. Arizona Traditions Community is just one of the many retirement communities in the state. It offers more than just accommodations. It offers a total senior living experience for the elderly who wants to stay fit and live an active lifestyle.

So why should you retire in Arizona Traditions?  Here are 5 reasons:

  • The great weather. Year-round climate and seasons are ideal for retirees who like to stay outdoors. Most of the time, the residents can enjoy the sun without the extreme heat. The climate is just right. 
  • Mild temperatures. The great weather brings about mild temperatures only. It’s not too warm or too cold. It’s enough for the retirees to be comfortable while working on their favorite activities and hobbies.
  • Perfectly manicured lawns. A well-maintained lawn is always nice to look at. Everywhere in the Arizona Traditions Community are manicured lawns made for golfing and walking.
  • Breathtaking views. The nature’s gift though the windows can be enjoyed at Arizona Traditions.
  • Lots of shopping and dining choices. There are numerous facilities within the community that retirees and their guests can enjoy.

Retirement life doesn’t have to be boring. Arizona Traditions Community is a great place for an elderly person who wants to live an active, fun, and meaningful lifestyle.

Located near the White Tank Mountains, the Arizona Traditions Community. It’s more popular for the intimate and hometown feel it offers to the retirees.

There’s an 18-hole golf course that can be viewed as you drive through the neighborhood. There’s also a fitness center, tennis court, swimming pool, and a sports bar famous for its hamburger.

For the artists, there’s a computer room, a ceramics studio, woodworking shop, sewing and quilting center, plus a stained glass studio. All these and more host many other clubs and activities that Arizona retirees can enjoy.

If you need help in finding that perfect home at the Arizona Traditions Community, Kathy Anderson and her team will be glad to help you. Feel free to contact us at 602-703-8930.



What You Need to Know About Sun Village

One of the more popular retirement communities in Arizona is Sun Village. Situated in Surprise, Arizona, this community boasts of more than 1,300 homes and condominiums for the retirees.

If you are thinking of retiring in Sun Village, you’d be glad to know that the community is ideal for those who want an active lifestyle. Inside the village you can find a beautiful landscape, an 18-hole golf course, and a heated swimming pool for those who love the water.

For those who are into sports and would love to stay fit and healthy, there’s the spa, tennis area, pickle ball and shuffleboard courts, an exercise room, billiards room, and horseshoe pits.

For the creative ones, a sewing room is open for you to enhance your skills. For the artistic, there’s also a craft room where you can start your new masterpiece. For those who love to dance, there is a ballroom where different types of entertainment can be enjoyed.

The numerous craft, hobby, social, and sporting activities and centers are enough to make you decide on retiring at Sun Village. This Arizona retirement community is one of the more popular ones because of the many great activities a retiree can do within.

At Sun Village, you can feel right at home. If you need help in finding a home within the Sun Village Retirement Community, let Kathy Anderson help you. 

Why Choose Sun City Festival

Sun City Festival is a 3,100-acre community by Del Webb that continues to be a complete haven to the retirees.  Homes at Sun City Festival are being sold left and right because a lot of people find the place so inviting and is perfect for their retirement.

This retirement community continues Del Webb’s known tradition of offering an impressive range of amenities giving importance to personal enrichment, wellness, and health.

Sun City Festival features a wide range of health-related centers like an aerobics facility, state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis courts, resort style pool and spa, horseshoe pits, and wellness center among others.

For the golf enthusiasts, there are two 18-hole golf courses managed by Troon Golf so you know it’s world-class. For those who always want to relax, there are massage rooms to retreat to after a long, tiring day.

For those who want to be enriched, you can go to the cultural hall, computer lab, arts & crafts room, or the exhibition kitchen. If you want to entertain family and friends, there are two restaurants where you can dine and host small parties.

Still for the active and sports enthusiasts, the bocce ball, basketball, and pickelball courts are open for your enjoyment.

The many facilities within the Sun City Festival are exceptional. The management makes sure each center is always well-maintained for the convenience of the residents and their guests.

Sun City Festival retirees are happy to live inside this community in Arizona. Ask anyone who lives inside Sun City Festival and you’ll know how great it is to stay here.

If you would like to see homes available for sale at Sun City Festival, allow Kathy Anderson and her team to help you. 

What You Need to Know About Trilogy at Vistancia

If you’re looking for an active retirement community, you may want to consider Trilogy at Vistancia. It’s an active adult retirement community where the elderly can do many activities for their enjoyment.

Vistancia is situated in the North Peoria. The area only has 2,500 homes in a private gated community so you know it’s exclusive. This was voted as the Best Master Planned Community in the United States last 2005.

Trilogy has been designed for the active people. There are so many things you can do within the 35,000 sq. ft. Kiya Club. The resort-style facility features a grand living room, Hopi billiards den, Café Colaz, Alvea Spa and Athletic Club, Fitness studio, and the Tewa event room. Inside you can also find creative expression rooms and higher learning rooms for the creative ones.

For those who want to relax, the Alvea Spa could be a favorite place. The spa offers a full menu of body and skin treatments. There’s an outdoor whirlpool plus spacious locker rooms for the guests.

For the health buffs, there’s the Athletic Club that offers many recreational and wellness facilities including Cybex weight training machines, elliptical trainers, aerobics and dance studio, stationary bikes, free weights, and a Fitlinxx computerized training system. There are professionals to guide you every step of the way.

If you want to stay fit, swim at the 25-yard indoor pool or at the outdoor resort-style pool. If you want to hangout with your friends, there’s a cozy outdoor fireplace where you can also hold barbecue parties.

The Athletic Club is a fitness, wellness and recreational facility that caters to your individual needs and personal fitness goals.  The club includes a 25-yard indoor pool, an elaborate outdoor resort-style swimming pool, a large spa, cozy outdoor fireplace and barbecue. There are also health and fitness professionals on site to guide you every step of the way.

At Vistancia, you can find the Trilogy Golf Club. It’s a new golf course in Arizona designed by popular golf course architect Gary Panks. It boasts of more than 70 transitional and pronounced bunkers.

The golf course also features five tee boxes on the 18-hole par-72 championship golf course with a range of 5,573 to 7,259 yards.

Trilogy at Vistancia is an exclusive community for people 45 and older. Kathy Anderson can help you find that retirement home in Trilogy at Vistancia.

Kathy Anderson has many years of experience in finding clients a new home in various retirement communities. Kathy is always ready to lend her hand to make sure you are presented with different choices.

If you’re looking for a home at Trilogy at Vistancia, allow Kathy Anderson to find the best one for you.


All About Corte Bella Country Club

Once you’ve decided to retire in any of the retirement communities in Arizona, you may need to start searching for the perfect home. There are numerous communities to choose from but it could be challenging because they seem to have the same features.

One of the more known communities in Arizona is the Corte Bella Country Club. It’s described as both upscale and down-to-earth.  If you’re looking for a place in Corte Bella, Kathy Anderson will be able to help you find the perfect home.

Corte Bella is an adult gated country club by Del Webb in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a large community with about 1,650 homes. Despite the number, the area feels intimate.

Corte Bella features a 7,500 sq ft. Social Club were the retirees can meet new friends, drink wine, and dine on the large patios. It overlooks a lush golf course and is the perfect venue for get-togethers.

There’s also a Fitness Club & Spa that is situated in a 10,000 sq. ft. of space. Inside you can find impressive weight training and cardio areas, spa treatment rooms, saunas, and an indoor whirlpool. There are also private sun patios for anyone to relax or be with friends. Facials and massages are also available.

The Corte Bella Country Club is also popular for the 18-hole championship golf course. The Greg Nash-designed course boasts of four sets of tees, from 5,100 to 7K yards.

If you’re planning to be a homeowner at Corte Bella, you will automatically be a social member of the Corte Bella Golf Club. With the membership comes many benefits such as unlimited of the Fitness Club and free use of the multi-purpose rooms at the Social Club and enjoy dining at the Anacapa Grill Restaurant. Corte Bella Golf Club members are also offered access to the Golf Club and Pro Shop.

The Corte Bella community is charming and friendly. It may already be known for its excellent facilities and golf course but also for the homes built with great architecture.  

Corte Bella is not as large compared to the other adult active communities in Arizona but it’s one of the more tight-knit ones.

If you’re looking for a Corte Bella home, let Kathy Anderson help you.





Why Retire in Sun City Grand

Sun City Grand is only one of the many great retirement communities in Arizona. Some people think that once you’ve seen a retirement home in Southern Arizona, you’ve pretty much seen them all. You can say it’s a bit true because these communities almost all have the same features: open spaces, manicured lawns, golf courses, great views, lots of abundant trees, and a terrific retirement vibe.

While these factors are inviting enough, there are still a number of differences between retirement communities. Kathy Anderson will be glad to help you find the Sun City Grand home according to your personality, needs, and lifestyle.

Sun City Grand is very popular as an active adult community. It was developer by Del E. Webb and was opened to the public in October 1996. The community is well maintained and is considered to be one of the latest “Valley of the Sun” communities.

Sun City Grand homes are owned and managed by the residents themselves. That gives the retirees a sense of ownership and feeling of responsibility.

If you’re into playing golf, you’ll be happy to know that amenities include four championship gold courses. For the health buff, there are also a couple of fully equipped fitness centers, tennis courts, softball field, and five swimming pools. Aside from the sports facilities, there are also more than 40 special clubs and activities to choose from.

For those who simply want to relax and dine with their friends and loved one, there are restaurants in the area. You can hang around the fireplace or in the huge lounge areas. For the more creative, there’ s a ceramic studio, sewing rooms, and an art studio. You won’t run out of things to do in Sun City Grand.

Sun City Grand is a community that makes you feel right at home. It’s located only 45 minutes northwest of downtown Phoenix in Arizona. Yes, definitely close to home.

Retiring Soon? Start Searching for the Right Retirement Home

So you finally decided you’d spend your golden years in Arizona. Millions of American senior citizens prefer Arizona because of the great weather, wide-open space, and that distinct feeling of security.

A lot of Americans go to Arizona to find a retirement community they would best fit in. There are numerous retirement homes in the state situated in different communities and resorts.

A number of communities are open to accept different types of people. There are many types of Arizona retirement  homes. You can choose from the many retirement homes in Sun City GrandCorte Bella Country Club in Sun City West Arizona, Arizona Traditions Community,Sun Village, and Trilogy at Vistancia, among others.

Don’t worry about finding the right retirement place for you becauseKathy Anderson’s Team can help you. There is that one perfect retirement community just for you no matter what you personality is. Each community gives emphasis on different areas: an active lifestyle, great outdoors, arts and crafts or just about any interest you may have.

If you’re not too keen on living within a big community, you can opt for a retirement resort. It’s a smaller area within a community. It’s basically a subset of a larger community.

Most retirement resorts in Arizona focus more on giving retirees an active lifestyle. Some have golf courses and other amenities that will inspire you to move around and be physically active. Retirement resorts are similar to the usual resorts offering leisure living in Southern Arizona.

Whether you need help in deciding on a retirement community or a retirement resort in Arizona, allow Kathy Anderson and her team to help you. We’ll keep in mind your particular needs and then find you that perfect retirement home. 

What Makes Arizona Retirement Homes Such Great Buys?

One of the biggest trends in demographic shifts in America is the graying of the Baby Boomer generation. A huge segment of this generation has officially entered their golden years. They've been retiring in droves for several years now. As with any great demographic shift, many of these retirees are looking for a place in the United States that is particularly friendly to the needs of senior citizens. Here are the reasons why Arizona retirement homes offer such great value.


Great Arizona Weather

Even though you may not be a big fan of the intense Arizona heat, as the old saying goes, at least it is a dry heat. This is saying a lot. In many parts of the East Coast and the American Southeast, it can get really hot in the summer and to top it all off, it can get quite humid. In other words, not only are you hot, but you also get wet and sticky. Not with Arizona. While Arizona winters can get quite cold, they have very dry winters. Arizona summers are very dry. You get that nice Arizona warmth for most of the year and you’re not hot and sticky. This makes all sorts of outdoor activities that seniors and retirees love to participate in like golf, hiking, trekking and similar activities possible. Many Arizona retirement homes are designed to maximize the great Arizona weather from housing design to golf course design as well as overall layout.

Arizona's Large Retiree Community

As mentioned earlier, there is a big move by Baby Boomers and the generation before them to areas of the country that are friendlier in terms of amenities and weather. As a result, Arizona boasts one of the largest retiree communities in the continental United states. In fact, Arizona’s senior citizen population is high up there along with that traditional senior citizen destination, Florida.

This huge number of retirees is a drawing of itself. If you’re looking for a place to move where you would feel at home, and you could readily plu in to an existing community of fellow senior citizens and retirees, Arizona is it. This is why many of the big Arizona retirement homes are not merely retirement homes. They’re not separate buildings that exist within an area that is, otherwise, free of senior citizens. No, not by a long shot Many Arizona retirement homes are full functioning complete senior citizen communities in of themselves.

When you choose to live in any of these Arizona retirement homes, you’re essentially buying into a community. You’re buying into a retirement lifestyle. This means you get a wide range of amenities like golf courses, arts and crafts, sports and exercise programs and other essential activities to a great and active senior citizen lifestyle.

The Southwest's Great Wide-Open Spaces

In addition to the awesome weather that Arizona offers, there is a distinct mystique to the American Southwest. We’re talking about a vast blue sky with endless open space bordering it. There is a sense of freedom that you get with Arizona and other parts of the American Southwest that you can’t get from often crowded, cluttered and congested Eastern states and highly urbanized states. This is a great draw for active retirees.

Arizona has the geography and the orientation that allows retirees the time and the space and the luxury to enjoy hobbies and explore up past times that they really didn’t have the opportunity to explore before. Many Arizona retirement homes program their senior activities in such a way as to maximize the effects of these wide-open spaces. Many Arizona retirement homes have periodic activities involving field trips, camping trips, river trips, you name it.

If you’re looking for a complete retirement package and you’re looking for options that give you the tools and features that you need to truly live out your golden years in comfort and style, you really can’t beat Arizona retirement homes. They offer such a complete package and bring a lot of value to the table. If you’re looking to get the most bang out of every retirement dollar that you’re looking to spend, you should take a look at Arizona retirement homes.


Why Are More And More Seniors Choosing Arizona Retirement Homes?

There’s a big demographic change going on right now in America. One of the biggest population age groups, Baby Boomers, is retiring. As a result there’s this big demographic shift in residence to areas of the country that are friendlier to the needs of senior citizens. Not surprisingly, Arizona is high up on many retirees' list of favorite retirement destinations.

Here are just some of the reasons why a large number of baby boomers are choosing to go out West and settle in Arizona retirement homes instead of elsewhere. These factors are quite unique to Arizona and explain why many senior citizens and retirees consider Arizona as a great alternative to traditional retirement destinations like Florida.


Great Change Of Place

If you are tired of having to shovel the snow off your driveway come winter time or having to install chains on your tires, Arizona offers a great change of place for you. If you’re sick of living in a very congested urban environment that seems to get more and more saturated with each passing year, Arizona may be the answer that you're looking for.

Arizona retirement homes really deliver on Arizona’s ability to give retirees a great change of place because you’re not just changing your physical location you’re also changing your mental location. You’re changing your state of mind. Instead of feeling stressed when winter comes along, you get to enjoy clear Arizona winters with no rain and fairly little snow.

Moreover, Arizona has so much wide-open space that you don’t feel any of the mental clutter and stress of living in a highly urbanized environment. Arizona retirement homes are designed to maximize these benefits so you do not only get a warm and cozy place to live, you are also welcomed by a warm community of your peers. Many Arizona retirement homes are laid out in such a way that they  maximize the impact of the great change of place that Arizona offers.

Bright and Clear All Year Round

Thanks to Arizona's special geography in the American Southwest, you get to enjoy the benefits of living in the Southwest without all the hassle. On the one hand, you get to enjoy really bright clear and hot summers, but you don’t get the sticky humidity that you would get if you lived in the American South or in the Eastern Seaboard. This great combination enables seniors who've retired in Arizona to truly enjoy much of the natural attractions the state offers from hiking trails, to fishing spots, to river activities, you name it. Arizona has all the natural trails and activities you would want.

Many of the premier Arizona retirement homes have laid out their ground plans and are designed in a way as to maximize these natural elements. In fact, in Southern Arizona, many retirement homes place you close to state parks. For many retirement homes, state parks are only a comfortable commute away.

Retirement-Friendly Local Government and Developers

Thanks to the big demographic shift of retirees moving to Arizona, many local governments and developers have set up their cities and municipalities to be as friendly to the needs of senior citizens as possible. As a result, when you move in to many of the bigger Arizona retirement homes and communities, you feel that you've moved into an actual community. It doesn’t feel like you’re just moving into a new city, or you’re just moving into your own apartment or housing unit. No, it feels that you are moving into a community of friends. This is the big value many master-planned Arizona retirement homes bring to the table.

If you are still trying to decide between Florida retirement options and Arizona retirement homes, keep the factors described above firmly in mind. There is nothing like the great weather, open space and friendly retirement communities that Arizona offers. For many senior citizens, Arizona, truly is the ultimate retirement destination.

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